About This Publication

This publication documents the DITA For Small Teams Docker-based system.

If you want to jump right in, go to Getting Started With D4ST Docker.

Docker is a relatively new (as of early 2016) for managing software in platform-independent "containers" that can be more easily managed than traditional virtual machine images or simply installing various software components directly on a host machine.

The goal of the D4ST container approach is to provide a easy-to-provision, easy-to-update, easy-to-use instance of a DITA for Small Teams collection of system components. The container approach allows the same set of components to be used by a single user on a single machine or by multiple users with access to a shared server somewhere (within an enterprise or in the cloud).

This publication is intended both for people who just want to the use the D4ST components and people who want to contribute to this project or use the D4ST components as a base for their own custom solution.

This publication does not cover the details of the Docker technology. Please see the Docker documentation for instructions on installing the Docker tools needed to get and run containers. Docker is supported on all modern operating systems.